The Cure for Accounts Past Due


Remit Rx



We seek to:

  • protect your cash flow, revenue and profits,
  • inform your decision-making,
  • uplift the relationships among businesses in the community,
  • and encourage debtors’ proactivity through a system of accountability.

Welcome to RemitRx

the cure for accounts past due

We are a subscription based ratings service that allows YOUR businesses to check the Slow Pay / No Pay habits and histories of YOUR potential customers - in real time!  Our database allows you to search these payment histories based upon records of late and delinquent invoices submitted by other RemitRx members.  Then, YOU can quickly make better term payment decisions.

We are not a credit card processing service or a collections agency.  We don't purchase bad debt, or provide an aggregate credit score from other credit reporting agencies.  But our community holds debtors accountable, notifying them that their habits are being watched and encouraging them to pay you quickly!

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